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Soaring Ivy
Soaring Ivy.png
Throws out a vine that pulls you towards enemies hit with a flying kick!
Element Earth Earth.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Melee, movement, Jump
Damage 5, 10, 25
Hit Count 3
Cooldown 4.7s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
 ? Gold.png
Id ?
Vine is larger, deals more damage and stuns for a longer duration!
Damage 5, 10, 35
Hit Count 3

Soaring Ivy is a Standard Earth Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Earth Type: Standard Subtypes: Melee, Movement, Jump

Throw out a vine in the direction you are aiming that deals 5 damage and stuns any enemies hit. If the vine hits an enemy you will be pulled through the air towards them, delivering a flying kick that deals 10 damage, followed by a 25 damage hit which knocks the enemy back.

If enhanced, the vine has a longer range, stuns for a longer duration and the final hit now deals 35 damage.


Soaring Ivy is good for quickly gaining ground on a single enemy to get them in close range or to continue a combo after they are knocked away by another arcana.

Soaring Ivy struggles against groups of enemies since it primarily deals damage to a single target, which makes you vulnerable to attack from other enemies. To avoid this weakness, isolate an enemy from a group before using Soaring Ivy on them to ensure that you can complete it's attack before other enemies approach or try to tightly group up the enemies so that all of them will be hit by Soaring Ivy.

Be careful when using Soaring Ivy on enemies that are lined up as some enemies will not be moved the full distance when you are pulled forwards, causing them to be positioned behind you when you land, giving them an opportunity to attack you.

The unenhanced vine has a shorter reach than one might expect which can cause you to miss the attack, interrupting the flow of combat if you intended to be pulled to an enemy. It is best to move forwards towards the enemy you wish to target before casting to ensure it hits.

  • The enhanced version has a noticeably longer reach so you do not need to move forwards to ensure a hit in most situations.

Soaring Ivy can be used to cross pits is you hit an enemy on the other side.

While you are being pulled through the air towards an enemy you are unable to be damaged. This allows you to jump over attacks to avoid taking damage from them. However this is difficult to use by itself since you need to hit an enemy in order to perform the jump.

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