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Spice Rack
Spice Rack.png
DescriptionUsing an arcana of a different element reduces the cooldown of the previously used arcana.
Cost26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png

Spice Rack is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Using an Arcana of a different Element reduces the cooldown of the previously used Arcana by 25%.


To best utilize this Relic, it is recommended to start with a Basic and/or Dash, Standard, and Signature all of differing Elements. The way this Relic functions is that after you cast an Arcana that has a cooldown if you follow it up by casting another Arcana of a different Element, the former Arcana will have its cooldown reduced by 25%. Ideally, this means that you would only use your Basic Arcana when your other Arcana are already on cooldown. Alternate between casting your Signature, Standard, then Basic/Dash in sequence for one potential pattern.

Item combos[]

  • Tozy's Pocket Watch for 20% reduced cooldowns at the cost of 25% reduced signature charge rate.
  • Tempo for more cooldown reduction.

Spell combos[]

  • Scales of Babylon for further cooldown reduction, using this Standard Arcana with Spice Rack while having a non-Air Signature will let you use your uncharged Signature very frequently, depending on which Signature is chosen.

Additional notes[]

The relic's name may be a reference to the saying "variety is the spice of life".