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Spiked Emergency Kit
Spiked Emergency Kit.png
DescriptionRegenerate health while at critically low health! Max health is reduced.
Cost- Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png

Spiked Emergency Kit is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Reduces max health by 40%. Regenerate 2 health every second or so when below 30% max health.

Combines with Super Carrot Cake to form Dependable Cake.


Item combos[]

  • Tiny Crocodile Heart Reduces Max health by 50% at first, however 1% max health is added on for every enemy killed for up to +50% Max health, making the temporary pain worth the result allowing a safer benefit from this relic.
  • Giant's Heart Increases Max Health making it safer to benefit from this relic
  • Berserker's Helm increases damage while at low health, which can be safer to benefit from with the effect of this relic.
  • Tea of Mercy All healing increases your max health by 3. Caps at 75 bonus health
  • Super Carrot Cake Increase max health by 2 every time damage is taken, up to a maximum of 75
  • Kali's Flower Diadem Allows you to safely take a lethal hit every level
  • Relics that provide a revive allow safer use of this relic

Spell combos[]

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