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Star Bolt
Star Bolt.png
Hurl an electrified star that shocks any enemy it strikes!
Element Lightning Lightning.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 10, 12 (shock)
Hit Count 1
Cooldown 3.25s per charge
Knockback 20
Cost 20 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Stars shock for a longer duration!
Damage 10, 20 (shock)
Hit Count 1
Cost 150 Gold.png

Star Bolt is a Standard Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds up charges up to a maximum of 3. Each cast uses one charge, causing you to throw a electrified shuriken in the direction you are aiming that deals 10 damage and applies level 1 shock.

If enhanced, the shuriken applies a level 4 shock.

Holding the attack button will cause all shuriken to be thrown in quick succession.


Due to its fast cast time, multiple charges and low cooldown, Star Bolt is most effective when used to immobilise single enemies so they pose less of a threat while you deal with other foes. The enhanced version further emphasises this usage as it immobilises enemies for twice as long.

Star Bolt struggles against groups of enemies as each shuriken can only hit one target. The shurikens act as a fast and reliable means of inflicting shock on enemies, opening them up for attack with other arcana.

Spell combos[]

Item combos[]

  • Gloves of Gambit increase the damage of each shuriken.
  • Indra's Copper Pipe increases the duration of the shock.
  • Ring of Reserves adds 1 additional charge, taking the total up to 4.
  • Reinforced Bracers allows the shurikens to destroy all enemy projectiles.
  • Chaos Visor can help with aiming Star Bolt especially when using a controller.
  • Star Bolt synergises well with Hunter's Stiletto since it can be quickly used to shock an enemy before you unleash a combo on them, allowing you to regularly take advantage of the damage increase that Hunter's Stiletto provides.

Additional notes[]