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Sturdy Wooden Easel
Sturdy Wooden Easel.png
DescriptionEach earth arcana owned increases the chance to automatically parry an attack!
Cost18 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png

Sturdy Wooden Easel is a Relic in Wizard of Legend


Each earth arcana owned increases the chance to automatically parry an attack. Each total earth arcana in your collection (view-able at Tomi) increases this chance by 0.5% up to a current maximum of 16%.

Parrying an attack will guard the attack and trigger the effects of any parry relics you have equipped.


Obtain all earth arcana before using this item.

Item combos[]

Spell combos[]

This relic does not require earth arcana to be equipped, but does require them to be in your collection. However, it does not combo with any known arcana.

Additional notes[]

  • Whenever new earth arcana are added, Sturdy Wooden Easel will receive an indirect buff to its maximum chance.
  • Does not require any earth arcana to be equipped.
  • Oddly, Sturdy Wooden Easel's parry effect can be triggered by fall damage. This results in the playable character falling in the pit for the first time and the damage being parried, then the playable seems to be teleported above the pit and then taking damage normally and then being teleported back to the ground.
    • Theoretically, this loop may be able to have more than 2 instances, should the parry effect continue to be activated.
      • Thankfully, the likelihood of being stuck in this endless loop is extremely unlikely and the probability of the loop continuing decreased with every iteration.