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Surge Anchor
Surge Anchor.png
Throws out an anchor that generates a surge of lightning between you and the anchor!
Element Lightning Lightning.png
Type Standard
Subtypes none
Damage 2
Hit Count 5 per stream
Cooldown 6.5s per charge
Knockback ?
Duration 4s
Cost 21 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 4
Id ?
Anchor lasts longer and creates more streams!
Damage 2
Hit Count 5 per stream
Duration 6s
Cost 175 Gold.png

Surge Anchor is a Standard Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds up charges up to a maximum of 2. Each cast uses one charge, throwing out a small lightning rod a short distance in front of you. When the rod lands it continuously generates streams of electricity between itself and the player, each stream deals 5 hits of 2 damage. The rod lasts for 4 seconds and streams are generated every 0.8s for a total of 5 streams over its entire duration.

If enhanced, each rod lasts for 6 seconds, allowing a total of 7 streams to be generated.


Surge Anchor is good at dealing passive damage to an enemy while you combo them with other arcana. Throwing out the rods before you begin a combo on a boss or miniboss will cause them to take high damage from all the streams alongside the damage of you other arcana, this also charges a Signature very quickly.

The positioning of the rods greatly changes the effectiveness of Surge Anchor:

  • Throwing several rods on the same spot will cause the streams to overlap and deal high damage constantly, keeping enemies hitstunned with no chance to escape.
  • Spacing out the rods over an entire room allows them to hit enemies anywhere given that you position yourself correctly. It is more difficult to utilise this layout effectively since it requires enemies to be positioned precisely.

To maximise the effectiveness of Surge Anchor try to keep enemies positioned between yourself and the rod, ensuring they will be hit by the streams.

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