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Takeout Box
Takeout Box.png
DescriptionWhen healed for more than your maximum health, gain a shield equal to half of the excess heal amount.
Cost23 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png

Takeout Box is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Healing can surpass maximum health, adding a shield equal to half of the surplus, up to 50 points.


Think of this relic as a way to increase your maximum effective health. Health Orbs and relics capable of regenerating such as Vampire's Eyeglasses can keep up a steady shield active most of the time.

Also effective against Council Boss fights, as there will always be a health crystal that yields around ~75 healing points, wich can then be transmutted into a shield.

Item combos[]

See Healing/Health Relics for relics that heal, making it easier to get the shield.

  • Limited Edition Robe: Can be fairly useful in preserving the armor points by limiting the amount of damage taken for every hit. Can be paired with the Fall to boost the damage reduction.
  • Fall: Out of all outfits, this is the one that mostly benefits from the Takeout Box. Since Fall can't increase the maximum health, having a relic that grants some shield points are the second best alternative into increasing the survivability of the character.
  • Cassim's Airy Cloak: Will mitigate the amount of armor lost from fast attacks that hits several times. The effect can be further reinforced with the Limited Edition Robe.
  • Mirror Shield: The shield will protect against one attack before the damage reaches your health/shield points. Can be useful when you accidentally take a hit while in the middle of a fight, mainly from ranged Archers and Mages off-screen.

Spell combos[]

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