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Tears of Midas
Tears of Midas.png
Gain gold when taking damage!
Type Misc
Cost 25 Chaos gem.png
125 Gold.png
Pool 5
ID GoldOnTakeDamage

Tears of Midas is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Gain an amount of gold upon taking damage! The amount is randomly chosen between 25-50% of the damage taken and it can result in 0 gold.


Item combos[]

  • Armor of Greed the tears help balance the gold loss from the armor
  • Spiked Emergency Kit potential endless gold by throwing yourself at spikes while on low health. Takes time.
  • Using Fall produces a similar effect as the Spiked Emergency Kit, where you can indefinitely jump off into pits until you get low on health, then wait until the outfit heals you back to full health. Because of this, it may be somewhat quicker than the Spiked Emergency Kit method, as it heals to full instead. Alternatively, you can use both to achieve an even faster rate.
  • By using Fall or Spiked Emergency Kit you can achieve as much gold as you would like, which can lead to the following effects:
    • You can then attempt to find a Supply Crate, or have a friend join and equip one, and then begin purchasing as many items from a shop as you like until you are completely full on the items you want.
    • You can also pair this combo with the Dagger of Midas to achieve an extra 20% increase in damage by constantly keeping your gold amount at or above 500.
    • This can then also be used to keep your gold amount up constantly when using Armor of Greed, as well as balancing gold loss as mentioned above.
    • Ultimately, you could use Dagger of Midas at maximum damage and maintain Armor of Greed while keeping a high amount of gold.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]