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Titan's Equilibrium
Titan's Equilibrium.png
Un-enhances all arcana! damage is increased for each arcana that loses enhancement and cooldown are decreased for each unaffected arcana!
Type Cursed
Cost - Chaos gem.png
- Gold.png
ID ArcanaBalancer

Titan's Equilibrium is a Relic in Wizard of Legend


Un-enhances all arcana when equipped, increasing damage by 5% per arcana that looses its enhancement and decreases cooldowns by 4% for each arcana is unaffected (signature arcana, chaos arcana and already unenhanced arcana).

Arcana in the stock slot will be effected.

Damage can be increased by a maximum of 30% if all arcana (except signature) are affected, cooldowns can be decreased by a maximum of 28% if all arcana are not affected (all arcana are chaos or already unenhanced) or some combination of both.


Item combos[]

Does not Un-enhance a basic if you have the Claws of Tomo or your dash if you have the Greased Boots, but if damage is affected is unknown.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • This item is a reference to Gamora's switchblade, gifted to her by The Mad Titan Thanos, from Avengers: Infinity War.