V1.12 + v1.121

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Update v1.12 + v1.121, also known as the Boss Rush Update, released on May 15, 2019. The following are the official update notes.

New in This Update[edit | edit source]

Quality of Life Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Relics now show number values when applicable in the equip menu
  • Insignia of Legend now makes Chaos arcana available for purchase during the Chaos Trials
  • End of run summary screen updated to show the full player build
  • The last used cursed relic from Nox in Lanova Plaza is now guaranteed to be in stock the next visit
  • Treasure chests now show an indicator icon in the minimap
  • Doctor Song and Nocturne the Cardist now prefer to take standard arcana before enhanced arcana when you request their services
  • Increased chance to find complimentary relic in shops when holding a combination relic during the Chaos Trials
  • Conga Drum Set make all players immune to exploding barrels
  • Flashy Boots allow dash arcana to activate up to three times per charge
  • Aegis Charge has been reworked to be more effective overall
  • Stone Shot activation speed increased
  • Wind zone enemy visuals have been updated to look more like an enemy rather than a hazard
  • Various minor bug fixes

v1.21 Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issue with relics not properly being cleared from inventory. This fixes the following reported issues:
  • Softlock with Pazu's Favorite Hat
  • Adorable Mimic not properly clearing inventory on pickup
  • Randomized runs that improperly show extra relics that should've been removed
  • Critical Placebos effects not resetting on death
  • Ressurect relics were all probably a bit wonky and now should be fixed
  • Nox's cursed relics in Lanova Plaza should now properly reset if you visit the museum
  • Fixed full health chime with Fall outfit
  • Fixed relic icons incorrectly showing up as activated in the UI
  • Fixed issue with Taffy not opening a red portal when defeated offscreen
  • Health is now restored at beginning of Boss Rush mode so that any removed relics don't affect the run
  • Fixed issue with Covert Ops Mask forcing zero crit chance