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Update v1.23, is called Phantom Update, released on July 27, 2021. The following are the official update notes.

Hey Everyone,

We're back with a new update which adds a plethora of arcana and relics along with various quality of life improvements and rebalancing. With this update, Tomi is finally satiated and will no longer be able to hold any new arcana. We've also added a new relic grouping system that will merge similar relics together into a collection so that you can save on inventory space. There are too many changes to mention here, but below is a quick overview of what you can expect:

Note: The console patches are still in development and will go live as soon as possible!

Quick overview[ | ]

  • 16 new arcana (2 for each base element, 6 chaos)
  • 12 new signatures (2 for each base element, 2 chaos)
  • New secret phase for the Final Boss
  • Added UI markers for arcana and relic classification
  • Doubled loadout slots with Cammy
  • New relics with grouping system
  • 2 new combine relics
  • 7 new cursed relics
  • Readjustment and balancing of relics and arcana
  • And much more!

Miscellaneous[ | ]

  • Store prices rebalanced
  • Outfits retuned
  • Outfits are no longer locked to Hope and Patience in Versus Mode
  • Removed health crystal from mid Final Boss fight but doubled the one at the start
  • Added new title screen image
  • Added ability to emote by holding down Right Trigger + a button or Numpad 0 + any other number on the numpad
  • Added a few more variations to the Party Box treasure chest

Quality of Life[ | ]

  • Added icons to indicate arcana classification in the equip menu and Tomi
  • Added icons to indicate relic classification in the equip menu
  • Icons for relics and arcana now are always displayed over terrain, players, and enemies
  • Chaos arcana can now start showing up in stores starting from the first loop
  • Spike hazard sprites changed to be more clear and distinct
  • Slightly lowered the chance of generating a pit
  • Removed the destructible trees from Earth Lord Atlas' boss arena

Relic Adjustments[ | ]

Arcana Adjustments[ | ]

Bugfixes[ | ]

  • Cammy no longer removes cursed relics you obtained from Lanova Plaza
  • Fixed a bug with Jade's Tiara
  • Fixed an animation bug with Chaotic Echos when using a keyboard
  • Fixed a bug where Player 2's active item bar can get desynced
  • Elemental treasure chests no longer are affected by status effects like burn and poison

Post Update Changes[ | ]

  • Fixed first issue with sword of Quantum Edge not dealing damage
  • Fixed sprite issue with Vicious Bunny Ears
  • Fixed interaction with Dragon Fall and Dragon Dive
  • Added Ward to Versus Mode
  • Fixed issue where certain stats were being applied in the wrong order
  • Fixed issue with Horned Halo's prompt bugging out when using a potion in co-op
  • Fixed bug where Chaotic Comedy and Rules of Contingency weren't disabled for secret phase 3 fight
  • Fixed a potential soft lock that might occur with double KOs with bosses
  • Fixed issue with player outfits looking washed out or slightly discolored
  • Fixed bug with Sturdy Wooden Easel and pits
  • Fixed Level outfit interaction with a new shadowy addition to the game
  • Swapping your arcana order through the inventory menu in Versus Mode now correctly saves their positions
  • Health Care Card now properly discounts Dr Song's potion
  • Health Care Card description adjusted to be more general
  • Fixed Radiant Beat not hitting stationary objects
  • Fixed issue with downed players being able to emote
  • Fixed Ion Spike targeting on moving enemies
  • Fixed armor increase issue with Jade's Chakra Locket
  • Fixed bug where players couldn't buy anything while the inventory was full
  • Disabled emotes from a gamepad due to rebind issues
  • Moved emote bindings on keyboard to Right Ctrl + number

v1.23a (2021-07-29)[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with signature gain from Tectonic Drill
  • Fixed bug with potential enemies in wall when using Retro Floor Plan
  • Fixed issue with Evading Zephyr that sometimes prevented it from working on pits and fixed an effect bug
  • Added some failsafes in Final Boss run up to prevent stuck in wall locks
  • Fixed bug that was causing Radiant Beat's signature to do too much damage on certain enemies
  • Added Supply Crate to VIP Membership relic
  • Removed double up signature effect on Blazing Blitz and sped up signature
  • Fixed issue with Shark Mask and Singing Bowl not applying crit in some conditions
  • Re-enabled Vortex Trap and swapped Gust Burst with Wind Salvo

v1.23ab (2021-07-29)[ | ]

  • Added triple confirmation window to clear run data in Trophy Case
  • Increased Shark Mask effect duration
  • Added icon in trophy case for runs where Final Boss was defeated with 3rd phase (not retroactive)
  • Added "!" to the end of stage counter in run summary page to indicate Final Boss was defeated with 3rd phase
  • Adjusted Mobius Quill price
  • Adjusted Cyclops laser duration
  • Adjusted Heart Renderer's Amulet

v1.23abc (2021-08-02)[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with Supply Crate and VIP Membership
  • Fixed duplicated Spanish translation with Vampire Fangs and Vampire's Eyeglasses
  • Fixed UI bug with enhanced stock skill and Titan's Equilibrium
  • Adjusted standard Final Boss timings to be a bit looser
  • Lowered max elemental chest difficulty
  • Fixed collision issue that sometimes allowed you to jump out of the Air Boss arena
  • Phantom Order now shoots 3 waves of projectiles
  • Volt Disc effect bugfix
  • Adjusted Heartrenderer's Amulet's health cost
  • Oversized Needle now works with overall damage
  • Kali's Flower Diadem and Bach's Escape Key no longer activate at the same time

v1.23.4 (2021-08-09)[ | ]

  • Added a star to completed group items. Added a x/5 counter to indicate group item collection progress
  • Fixed Pathfinder's Map not working when received through Nocturne's randomizer
  • Ion Spike sprite changed to full bright
  • Added SFX to raffle ticket so that it's clearer when it's activated
  • Fixing wall collider issue with Air Boss arena (hopefully for good)
  • Added Healthcare Card as a group relic
  • Fixed issue with Japanese localization using the wrong font for some kanji characters
  • Fixed earth sword in Quantum Edge doing less than intended damage
  • Fixed issue with Earth Knights getting knocked out of bounds with some arcana
  • Removed problematic room that caused an infinite falling bug
  • Fixed bug with Reliable Backpack
  • Slight damage buff for Toxic Bolas