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Volt Tracer
Volt Tracer.png
Summon an electrified afterimage that tracks your path and explodes when it catches up to you!
Element Lightning Lightning.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement
Damage 8, 8
Hit Count ?
Cooldown 4s per charge
Knockback 20, 5, 5
Cost 22 Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Explosion is larger and shocks enemies!
Damage 8, 8, 12 (shock)
Hit Count 2
Cost 75 Gold.png

Volt Tracer is a Dash Lightning Arcana in Wizard of Legend


This arcana passively builds charges up to a maximum of 2. Each cast uses one charge, causing you to dash forward in the direction you are moving while creating an afterimage that follows behind you on a trail of lighting dealing 8 damage on impact. When the afterimage reaches the end of the your dash it releases a burst of electricity which deals 8 damage in a small radius.

If enhanced, the burst covers a larger radius and applies level 2 shock.

This arcana can be cast when on cooldown but the afterimage will not be created.


Enemies near the near of the the dash will be hit by both the afterimage and the burst, doubling the damage output.

Volt Tracer is an excellent dash to initiate a fight with as you can gain ground on enemies and hitstunning any nearby opening them up for attack. The enhanced version further improves this usage since it has a larger area and shocks enemies, allowing it to immobilise more foes for a much longer duration.

Keep in mind that the afterimage takes a brief moment to catch up to you leaving you vulnerable for a split-second after preforming a dash.

Spell combos[]

Arcana that cover a 360 degree area around you (e.g. Terra Ring, Tearing Whirlwind, Heroic Blaze, Searing Crown, Shock Nova, Scales of Babylon) are great for following-up on enemies hit by Volt Tracer.

Item notes[]

Additional notes[]

  • It is implied in the developer commentary that Volt Tracer takes inspiration from the visuals of several attacks used by Zenitsu Agatsuma in the anime and manga series; Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The afterimage and trails are associated with the First Form of thunder breathing: Thunder Clap and Flash, and Volt Tracer's multiple charges are a reference to how Zenitsu usually performs several dashes in quick succession.