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Wallet of Vigor
Wallet of Vigor.png
DescriptionEnables you to purchase items with health when you don't have sufficient gold.
Cost20 Chaos gem.png
100 Gold.png

Wallet of Vigor is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


If you have less gold than the purchase price then all current gold will be spent, the remaining cost will be deducted from health at a 1:1 ratio. Attempting to buy something that costs more than you have health will result in death.

Damage multipliers, such as from Double Trouble or Double Toil, will apply to the health loss


You can easily afford more relics like this especially if you don't often buy health potions. Once you are low on gold, around 50 or so, buying the health potion is incredibly cost effective for how much health you get back with this item.

Item combos[]

  • Large Red Button - Heals damage taken after using health to buy items.
  • Tears of Midas - Pairs excellently with Wallet of Vigor, as any damage you deal to yourself through spending gold gives you gold in return.
  • Limited Edition Robe - the amount of health you lose is reduced.
  • Supply Crate - gives you access to even more items.
  • Using a revive relic ( Pazu's Favorite Hat, Horned Halo, or Scissors of Vitality) can result in buying something you couldn't normally afford.
  • Fall Cloak adds health regeneration allowing you to buy items that cost below 100 using only health. Limited Edition Robe coupled with the cloak and wallet of vigor will allow you to buy anything for basically free.
  • Cushioned Flip-flops will make your signature meter absorb some of the damage, making you receive less damage. It can be hard to exploit unless you own the Surefire Rocket.

Spell combos[]

Additional notes[]

  • When purchasing a Healing Potion the health from the purchase will be subtracted before the health from the potion is added. So buying a health potion when you have 100 health or less will not result in a net health gain, but will kill you.