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Wind Salvo
Wind Salvo.png
Dash forward, summoning a series of wind arrows behind you!
Element Air Air.png
Type Dash
Subtypes movement, Projectile
Damage 2
Hit Count 4 per arrow
Cooldown 4.5s
Knockback ?
Cost ? Chaos gem.png
50 Gold.png
Id ?
Summon additional arrows! Each arrow has additional hits!
Damage 2
Hit Count 4 per arrow
Cost 100 Gold.png

Wind Salvo is a Dash Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Element: Air Type: Dash Subtypes: Movement, Projectile

Dash forwards in the direction you are moving, summoning 3 wind arrows behind you that rapidly accelerate forwards, in quick succession, before dissipating. When an arrow hit and enemy it slows down, dealing 4 hits of 2 damage before dissipating.

If enhanced, 5 arrows are summoned.

This arcana can be used when on cooldown, but no arrows will be released.


Wind Salvo is a great dash for initiating engagements since the arrows will reach enemies before you do and hitstun them, preventing them from attacking and allowing you to attack in safety.

You can use this dash mid-combo to hitstun enemies by dashing through them, buying you time for other arcana to come off cooldown or just to deal additional damage.

To maximise the number of enemies hitsunned, try to tightly group enemies up since the long hitbox of the arrows allows them to hit several enemies at once.

Since the arrows move ahead of you they can destroy incoming projectiles, clearing a path in front of you.

Spell combos[]

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Additional notes[]

Contrary to the description the enhanced version does not increase the number of hits for each arrow and only adds additional arrows.

Wind Salvo is extremely similar to Tunneling Drive as both arcana are dashes that launch multi-hit projectiles in front of you and so both have similar usage. They have subtle differences so it is best to try out both to see which you prefer or which fits better in a build.

Wind Salvo replaced Gust Burst in the Phantom Update

  • Initially it replaced Vortex Trap, but this was changed in a post-update patch and Gust Burst was removed in its place due to its similarities with the updated version of Air Burst.