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Wind Sentry
Wind Sentry.png
Throw a projectile that shoots enemies in the area!
Element Air Air.png
Type Standard
Subtypes Projectile
Damage 5
Hit Count 12
Cooldown 5s
Knockback ?
Cost 26 Chaos gem.png
150 Gold.png
Pool 5
Id ?
Increases max number of winds that can be unleashed!
Damage 5
Hit Count 15
Cost 175 Gold.png

Wind sentry is a Standard Air Arcana in Wizard of Legend


Throw out a projectile in the direction you are aiming which can release up to 12 blasts of wind (15 if enhanced) similar to Wind Flurry, at enemies, dealing 5 damage each and knocking enemies back. The projectile will be destroyed upon hitting a wall or releasing all blasts of wind.

If the wind travels a set distance without releasing all winds it will explode, releasing all remaining winds in a circle around it.


  • Wind Sentry is a great "fire and forget arcana" as it will automatically target enemies in a large area.
  • It's high knockback is perfect for knocking enemies into pits or dispersing large groups of enemies.
  • This arcana can make dealing with Master Sura's Null Flash Agents very easy due to its auto-targeting ability.
  • The winds pierce enemies allowing them to hit multiple enemies, which make this arcana able to do high damage to clusters of enemies.

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