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Wind Sovereign Shuu

Wind Sovereign Shuu is a member of the Council of Magic and one of the bosses in Wizard of Legend. He represents the Air element.

Attacks[ | ]

Attack names are unofficial and are used for purposes of reference

Air Jab - Shuu will briefly target a line before making a jab in that direction which fires a large gust of wind. This is done 3 times.

Twister Burst - Shuu will strafe along either side of the arena, releasing 3 masses of swirling winds that linger for a long time, similar to Breaking Twister Breaking Twister.

Gust Volley - Shuu uses a larger and more damaging version of Gust Volley Gust Volley.

Tornado dash - Shuu summons winds similar to Whirling Tornado Whirling Tornado around himself and dashes toward the player twice. If he hits the player he will not dash a second time.

Vortex - Shuu will create a vortex around himself similar to Storm Entourage Storm Entourage, pulling the player in and dealing damage if they get close enough. Very hard to avoid.

Homing Twisters - Shuu will create a pair of tornadoes which move quickly around the arena, loosely homing in on the player.

Air Burst Shurikens - Shuu throws 3 shurikens in a wide arc in front of him which stop after a short distance and release a AOE burst of air around themselves.

Turbulence (signature) - A series of consecutive targeting lines will appear across the arena, aimed at the player. After less than a second of delay, these lines will form into violent wind currents that will deal damage if the player has not moved.

The council members use three of the above attacks when they are the first council member. Each council member adds one more attack before their dance. So the second uses four, the third uses five, and Master Sura Master Sura uses six attacks.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Since he is an Air-enemy, use Fire Arcana against him for more damage. Air and Earth Arcana will have reduced effect.
  • After 3/4/5 attacks on levels 1/2/3 respectively, Shuu will stop and spin an sphere of air in his hands. This is an opening to attack him, as he will not attack during this phase.
  • Most of Shuu's attacks inflict Slow which can make it difficult to avoid his next attack or get close enough to him to inflict damage on him before he resumes attacking.
  • Shuu's Air Jab and Tornado Dash attacks will be performed faster at higher boss tiers.
  • It is impossible to avoid being sucked in by his Vortex attack. Sprint away from him and dash away if you get close to him to avoid damage.
  • To avoid his Twister Burst attack move in the opposite direction that he moves (Shuu moves from top to bottom you move from bottom to top).
  • His Homing Twisters can last until the end of his next attack so keep track of their location to avoid being hit by them while dodging his other attacks.
  • Avoid dashing erratically during Shuu's signature as being hit once allows for the remaining wind currents to hit you consecutively inflicting massive damage. It is easier to dodge the currents by sprinting around the arena rather than dashing.
  • Relics that allow you to evade attacks after being hit such as Cassim's Airy Cloak Cassim's Airy Cloak or Stygian Turtle Shell Stygian Turtle Shell are recommended for Shuu as many of his attacks hit several times.

Additional notes[ | ]

  • It's been speculated that Ciel, an NPC standing near the museum portal during the end scene, is secretly Shuu in disguise, based on his hair color and dialogue. He comments on the museum, saying "Wow! The ventilation in this museum is great! They've got some great fans!"
  • Shuu was added in the Sky Palace Update.
  • Shuu's name is derived from Shu, the Egyptian god of air.
  • During his down phase, Shuu will chuckle very quietly and twirl a ball on his fingers.