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Yuna's Storybook
Yuna's Storybook.png
Increases the summon duration for all summon arcana!
Type Misc
Cost 19 Chaos gem.png
175 Gold.png
Pool 3
ID SummonDurationItem

Yuna's Storybook is a relic in Wizard of Legend.


Increases the summon duration for all summon arcana by 100%!


With this relic the strategy of invoking an agent and storing before starting the fight becomes even more effective. This strategy presents the full potential if the player has 4 arcana agents in hand, using Null Flash Agent as the signature.

Item combos[]

  Combines with the Grimoire of Ruin, Hardcover Textbook, Archaic Cheat Sheet, Pop-up Primer and Vampire's Cookbook to create Legendary Library.

Spell combos[]

Water Pulse Agent

Whirling Wind Agent

Earth Stomp Agent

Rapid Fire Agent

Line Shock Agent

Additional notes[]

The name "Yuna" refers to the female protagonist who was a summoner of beasts called Aeons in the Square Enix classic Final Fantasy X.